Do Insomnia Patients Experience Improvement When They Use Weighted Blankets?

A weighted blanket is a big heavy blanket used as a therapy to help reduce stress and sleep. At first, weighted blankets were initially used as therapeutic aids to help people with sensory processing disorders, autism, and other mental illnesses. Over the years, weighted blankets Adelaide have become a very popular home-based product. Although it has been there for many years, many newly introduced variations of this product and how you can use them.

The researchers have recently come up with several new studies to show that CalmingBlankets weighted blankets start working as soon as a few months of use. Although many researchers were not able to pinpoint the exact reason behind why this happens, the majority of them agree on the fact that certain differences in brain chemistry may be one of the causes. It has also been found out that the intensity or magnitude of the stress hormone that is released by the adrenal gland may also play a major role in the process. These things lead to improvements in the overall moods of the individuals, reducing their overall stress levels.

Some of the anxiety symptoms include nervousness, inability to concentrate, intense fatigue, restlessness, headaches, poor memory, and irritability. In addition to these common symptoms, there are other specific symptoms that weighted blankets work well for. These include soreness in joints and muscles, decreased mobility, tiredness, poor digestion, headaches, body pains, joint pains, backaches, chest pain, and general muscle weakness. Based on the symptoms mentioned earlier, it can be seen that there is a positive correlation between the use of a weighted blanket and reducing symptoms related to stress.

Although some people find it difficult to believe it, many physicians start prescribing weighted blankets Adelaide to patients after their initial rounds of chemotherapy. The doctors usually prescribe it as a follow-up therapy to their initial treatments, relieving the patient of the discomfort and pain associated with the chemotherapy treatment. This is a good practice because it reduces the amount of time the patient is in the hospital and does not need to undergo the additional procedures involved with surgery, radiation treatments, and chemotherapy. More importantly, it helps the new blanket recipient get used to the new blanket faster.

If you ask people who have used weighted blankets to reduce their anxiety, you will find that they are indeed relieved from the symptoms brought about by chemotherapy. One thing that must be emphasised here is that you should only use this type of blanket under the advice of a physician. Be careful if you have certain heart ailments or suffer from respiratory issues since the blanket might affect your breathing and cause an asthma attack. Always consult a doctor before using it for your safety.

The crossover study conducted by Brown University demonstrated that the sleeping behaviour of autistic children was much improved when they were exposed to the weighted blankets Adelaide during their naps. In addition, it was found that children with sleep disorders like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were able to sleep better and develop fewer symptoms after they were regularly exposed to the blankets. This study proves beyond doubt that weighted blankets work and can help those with sleep disorders or any other type of chronic illness related to insomnia. This study was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.