7 Clear Signs that You Need to Visit a TheSA Podiatry Clinic

If you’re having issues that involve your ankle or foot, you should visit a TheSA podiatry Adelaide clinic right away. Whether it’s a sports injury, skin problems, or chronic joint pain, you should consider seeing a podiatrist as soon as possible. This specialist manages and treats all the symptoms that involve issues in the feet, ankle and lower extremity. With that said; if you’re experiencing any of the following signs or conditions, it’s time to make an appointment with your local podiatry clinic:

  1. Pain, swelling, or numbness in one foot. Occasional sore or swollen feet is normal (after standing on all day or running a race, for instance). But an abrupt pain, numbness, or swelling in one foot for no apparent reason can be a severe problem that requires a trip to the podiatry clinic.TheSA Podiatry Adelaide
  2. Chronic heel pain. A variety of different factors can cause continuous pain in your heel. A visit to the TheSA podiatry Adelaide clinic will help you with your problem. The podiatrist will take x-rays and perform an exam to determine the cause of the pain, as well as and develop the ideal treatment plan.
  3. Nail fungus. The cases for fungal infections on toenails have rapidly increased with the growing popularity of nail salons. If ignored and left untreated, the infection could cause the nails to thicken and become discoloured. The worst part about it is that you will risk it spreading to other toenails.
  4. You feel like you sprained your foot or ankle. Whether you’re certain or not, your first instinct would be to visit the orthopedist. However, a podiatrist has more experience in treating ankle and foot injuries.
  5. A recurring case of an athlete’s foot. One of the most common fungal infections in the feet, athlete’s foot can be treated using over-the-counter sprays or creams. But if it keeps coming back, you’ll need help from a podiatrist. He or she will prescribe a more potent cream. At the same time, your podiatrist will also check for possible infections.
  6. An ingrown toenail. Removing a painful ingrown toenail on your own may be tempting. There’s also the option of visiting your local visit your local nail salon. However, it’s safer and less painful to have it removed at a podiatrist clinic.
  7. You have diabetes. People who are suffering from Type-One or Type-Two Diabetes are at a higher risk of developing foot problems like nerve damage, poor blood circulation, infections, and even ulcer. If you have diabetes, you should head to your local TheSA podiatry Adelaide clinic right away. See a podiatrist at least once a year for a foot exam to help prevent any dangerous problems from occurring.

There are many more foot conditions that can be treated by podiatry. So if you’re suffering from one now, make sure you head to your local podiatry clinic today!