What Happens in Teeth Whitening?

The technology used in teeth whitening has improved a lot over the years, especially over the last decade. Before the advent of Teeth Whitening Adelaide procedures, most people could bleach their teeth by simply brushing or flossing their teeth. The use of teeth whitening strips and gels was limited to cosmetic dentistry and people who were interested only in enhancing the colour of their smiles. In this article, we will explore some of the new technologies used today for teeth whitening.

One of the more popular and efficient methods is laser tooth whitening. A specialist can use a high-intensity laser to activate the gel, which contains hydrogen peroxide, into the tooth’s root. The purpose of this is to eliminate stains and discolouration that may have been caused by food, drink or tobacco. The main ingredient in teeth whitening laser gel is usually Carbamide peroxide or some close derivative. These molecules are made up of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide.

teeth-whitening-adelaideAnother procedure that is now being employed in teeth whitening is the use of a dental composite. This is a gel applied to the tooth’s surface and then hardened into a material that closely resembles enamel. It resembles enamel so that the laser energy that the gel emits will have a more significant effect on the stain-free dentin in your teeth than would ordinary toothpaste. Besides, this material also has the added benefit of not harming the enamel on either side of your teeth. This material is similar to enamel but is made from a composite of silicone, plastic resins, dentin and rubber.

Laser teeth whitening also uses the use of a bleaching agent. This agent works as toothpaste, but the bleaching agent can also bleach the dentin in your teeth. It does this by producing reactive substances known as peroxides. These peroxides eat away at the stains that have built up on the dentin in your teeth. These peroxides can quickly eliminate the stains that have accumulated on the dentin.

These whitening gels work very well when compared to the more traditional methods like teeth whitening. The only downside of using these products is that you need to repeat the application process continuously. This is because the bleaching gel needs to be applied repeatedly to maintain the enamel’s brilliance. In some cases, it can even take several weeks for the results to show.

The best Teeth Whitening Adelaide products are those which utilize an oxidizing agent. This agent can strengthen the enamel of your teeth. It is because the enamel is essentially weakened due to the presence of a stain. Once the strength of the enamel is restored, the stain will easily lift off the dentin. This process is known as the breakdown of the stains.

When choosing a teeth whitening process, you need to make sure that you have a dentist who uses the UV light. The reason why you need a dentist who employs ultraviolet light is that the light contains UV rays. These rays can penetrate the enamel of the teeth and cause a chemical reaction. Once the reaction takes place, the hydrogen peroxide produced is eliminated as well.

When a patient wants to have a brighter smile, he should make sure that he goes for teeth whitening. If you wish to have the best results, you need to go for the blue led teeth whitening lights because they offer brighter results without destroying the enamel. They have also been proven to be very effective. Once you choose the UV light product, you can be sure to brighten your smile without any hassle.