Why You Should Start Wearing Sleeved Clothing

The benefits of a short sleeve dress shirt are more than looks. If you’re unsure whether you’re in the right mood for a formal occasion, a long-sleeved dress shirt paired with a well-tailored suit will help set you at ease. But short-sleeved dress shirts can also look a little uncomfortable when you wear them with an overcoat. If you’re going to wear a short-sleeved dress shirt with a coat, make sure you choose one that has some room in the sleeves.

Even though there are some exceptions, most people should typically wear Saint-Garde long-sleeved dress shirts with a blazer. Short-sleeved dress shirts tend to look a little more casual if you wear them with an overcoat, so long-sleeved dress shirts with jackets won’t give you the same effect. Assuming you are wearing a three or four-piece ensemble, the absence of sleeves on a blazer will leave your arms exposed. However, a blazer with short sleeves gives you the same effect without being so obvious.

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You might think that long-sleeved dress shirts from Silk Laundry have their disadvantages, but you shouldn’t assume that short-sleeved dress shirts have their drawbacks. For one thing, it’s tough to tell the difference between the two, especially if you’re looking directly into the mirror. Short-sleeved dress shirts will look a little more casual if they’re paired with an overcoat. If you want to go the formal route, you might consider long-sleeved dress shirts with jackets, but if you’re wearing a dress shirt as a light casual outfit, short-sleeved dress shirts can be a great option.

Long-sleeved dress shirts also look better on guys with fuller arms. If you have a large arm, you’ll want to pair it with a short-sleeved dress shirt in a solid colour; while this colour will show off your arms, it won’t make them appear too bulky.

The downsides of long-sleeved dress shirts are pretty much endless. They’re boring, mostly if you’ve chosen to go for a sober look in a neutral colour. You don’t get any versatility in wearing one; short-sleeved dress shirts with jackets, though, will make you stand out in a subtle way, which could help you look a little more formal.

If you go with the traditional black dress shirt, there’s not much to worry about when it comes to the colour. You can still go with either black or white, but you can also find a shirt in a variety of patterns, including checks, plaid, and plaids in multiple colours at Saint-Garde. You can also choose to go with an all-black ensemble or mix and match; a solid coloured shirt with a patterned blazer is both fun and easy to put together, making a black dress shirt a right choice for an evening event.

However, if you want something a little more unique, you’ll want to consider choosing other colours for your dress shirts. Red can be an exciting choice, and white and navy blue are two colours you’ll rarely see paired together but will add some character to your outfit.

Another option is a combination of white and black: a plain white dress shirt with an unusual pattern on the Silk Laundry sleeves. A shirt with stripes on the sleeves is also a fun option. Again, these can be very subdued or very bold.


You don’t have to stick to just solid coloured dress shirts with sleeves. There are many different patterns, including plaids, checks, and plaids in multiple colours that look good on either side of the body.