The Arguments in Favour of Using a Net Wrap

The net wrap has proven to be more efficient and reliable than twine when it comes to storing livestock. Even farmers who have to transport hay to other farms or out of state prefer net wrap instead of twine because it’s easier to maneuver. The webbing is also more stable and doesn’t come undone in windy conditions. A net wrap can cost up to twice as much for a bale than twine, yet it comes with a bevy of perks that make it worth the extra money.

A net wrap can keep animals safe from predators. It can be made of nylon or other durable synthetic fibres that are incredibly dense, making it virtually unfeasible for even the most determined predator to get a hold of the animal.

net wrapAnimals in a net wrap also don’t have to worry about being injured while moving. Because the animal is contained within a tight net, there is no free movement. In contrast, animals in twine can wander about freely while their owners are not looking, and they can also fall out of the net if they don’t feel secure enough to close their eyes.

As you might imagine, transporting livestock on a farm can be a challenge. Many obstacles need to be overcome to protect the animals and their surroundings. It is far less costly and easier to use net-wrap than it is to use twine to transport farm animals.

Because the net wrap provides a more secure environment for the farm animals, the animals can stay healthier and longer. There are no chances of animals running away to the fields to eat grass, which causes malnutrition and illness because of the lack of grass, and since there is no risk of the animals slipping out through the net, there’s not an endless supply of grass to feed the animals.

Also, the animals are protected from elements such as rain and wind, making them easier to feed. When the wind hits a field, the animals won’t get tangled with grass and end up soaked, which means that they have to go outside to eat grass. However, when the winds begin to blow hard in the barn, the animals can hide from the harmful elements and still eat grass, because there isn’t enough grass for them to eat.

The net wrap also protects animals trying to escape. Even though they can get out, they are unable to get back in the vehicle without opening the car doors. Because the net is closed, they cannot get back in without tearing the cover.

Using net wrap is an excellent solution for all types of farm transport. Whether you are transporting cattle, pigs, sheep, horses or chickens, you can protect the animals from injuries caused by animals and wind, dirt, and sunburn while providing a safer environment for them.