Why You Need Marquee Hire Services for Your Events

Marquee hire companies to provide an essential service to individuals, companies, bands, entertainers, promoters and other businesses to stage their activities inside the exhibition hall. Marquee hires companies can offer everything from full staff marquees to marquee hire services to cater to your individual needs. In this article, I’ll be going through some of the most common types of marquee hire services available. This article focuses on the different types of marquees available on the market, so I’ve broken them down into the main categories. Below the table, I’ll explain the different types and what they do.

A caravan marquee is a large open vehicle, usually a trailer or semi-trailer, explicitly designed for holding large groups of people. Typically used by business owners and company managers to organise outdoor corporate events such as picnics or concerts. Caravan marquees tend to have a larger space than a normal marquee and accommodate up to 1500 people. When hiring marquee hire Adelaide, make sure you research and test out the vehicle before the day of your event. You want to know that it’s comfortable and can hold a large crowd without being at risk of losing everyone’s gear along the way.

One of the most popular and leading marquee hire services, offering high-quality and stylishly designed tents and marquees for corporate events and other international locations. While most marquees are open and flexible, some can even be fully enclosed for greater security and personal privacy.


If you’re organising an event that will bring people, several corporate marquees hire services can help you prepare and manage your outdoor space. Many offer luxurious amenities, including VIP privileges, allowing you and your guests to truly feel like they’re at a top-secret corporate party. The larger and more corporate-friendly marquees tend to have more available space and more luxurious amenities, including air conditioning and more.

The different types of marquees available in marquee hire Adelaide. There are many kinds of marquee hire services available to suit all kinds of corporate events, including pop-up tents and more permanent structures, as well as tents that can be dismantled and reassembled as needed. You can also choose from various colours, styles, and themes, depending on your budget and what makes your event special.