Top 10 Tips for Using LinkedIn Marketing to Grow Your Small Business

How to use LinkedIn for Marketing The first step is to create a LinkedIn profile for your business. Create a business page that makes an impression. You can either use the built-in one from LinkedIn or customize one on your own. Fill in business details. A basic profile preview shows how it looks like as you add relevant content.

LinkedIn MarketingShare important news and events within your network. LinkedIn’s news feeds let you share the news within your network. Every time you’re adding to your friends’ list, LinkedIn updates the feed with new info about your profile. By regularly adding news items, you build relationships and gain more visibility within the LinkedIn social network.

Use the built-in search tool. Search for keywords related to your industry. You’ll need to insert these keywords inside the LinkedIn search box. When you click the search button, the results will be filtered based on relevance to your searches. Also, you may see some highlighted results in the sponsored links section, which can be customized according to the background colour of your business page and links to your LinkedIn profile.

Build up your network by inviting others to join your network. SocialMedic provides the tools to connect with others. Your network grows through the number of people you are connected within LinkedIn. These connections can be turned into leads and sales when you use LinkedIn for Marketing to promote your small businesses.

Promote your company profile. The first step is to link your LinkedIn profile to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. LinkedIn Marketing provides an opportunity to reach out to a broader base of potential clients. You can also use LinkedIn as part of your B2B marketing strategy. LinkedIn provides a great place to showcase your expertise and provide valuable information that other companies will find useful. When you have an interesting piece of information about your industry posted on your LinkedIn profile, it encourages others to take action and learn more.

Make your LinkedIn profile and company page unique. Your profile and company page should include a custom URL that ensures the file is picked up when someone searches LinkedIn. In creating a custom URL, go to the Account tab, select “IP Manually”, enter an IP address, and follow the instructions. Once your custom URL has been saved, you can upload any images or files you want to include on your LinkedIn profile.