The Argument Over Hinged Wardrobe Doors and Sliding Doors: Guess Who Won!

Wardrobes from are a long-term purchase; thus, it makes sense to consider every aspect and make an informed decision, even to the minutest detail – even with the doors! Various factors go into buying a wardrobe – colour, style, material and also, the type of door. Should you pick hinged wardrobe doors over sliding doors? In this article, hinged doors and sliding doors for wardrobes are explained in great detail so you can make the smart choice depending on the space requirements, usage, maintenance and convenience.


Hinged wardrobes can come in sleek no-knobs or handleless designs

Swing doors are the most ordinary type of door where the shutter is attached to the closet with hinges. These are the conventional option for wardrobes. Hinged doors work best with wardrobes of any shape, including the typical configuration, L-shape, triangular and pentagonal corner wardrobes.


Hinged wardrobes offer visibility of your garments and accessories

It is easier to find things as soon as you open the doors. It gives you an unobstructed view of the wardrobe. Unlike sliding doors, hinged doors do not obscure one side of the wardrobe.


Hinged Doors offer more Hanging Space

With hinged doors, you can hang your sling bags, scarves or belts or any accessories on the back of the doors


Since hinged wardrobe doors have been very popular in the market for a long time, these wardrobes come in various styles and colours. Depending on your preferences, you can get any wardrobe of any door design or colour. Opt for laminated, mirrored, or routed shutters. If you opt for a more modern look, you can select metal-framed shutters with glass panels. You can even customise the handles – choose from an array of sleek stainless steel handles, classic doorknobs or even luxe leather-finished handles.


However, hinged wardrobe doors usually take up some space because they swing outwards. If you have a small bedroom, you will need to position your wardrobe in such a way that the doors do not obstruct activities or movement around the confined space. Check out the latest designs at



Sliding doors, as they are aptly called, are movable doors that glide along horizontally on metal channels fixed to the bottom and the top of the wardrobe. This type of door doesn’t need lots of room since it slides to the left or right. If you wish to choose on with a sliding door, do keep in mind that sliding doors work and look better when you have at a minimum of three or more doors.


The advantage of sliding wardrobe doors is that it can cover the length of a wall. The reason these wardrobes are wonderful to have lies in having plenty of room for many things like clothes, accessories, makeup or cosmetics and even dedicated space to hide away luggage. With a wardrobe as accommodating as this, the need for additional storage is at a minimum. Moreover, they do save space as sliding doors don’t hinder the traffic flow in the room.


Do remember; however, that sliding doors will obscure the view of one part of the wardrobe when you slide them open. Check out the sliding wardrobe designs at