Eyelid Surgery – Get Rid of Those Double Eyes!

Eyelid surgery is becoming more popular in both the US and Australia. In general, most individuals are unhappy with their eye’s appearance, particularly with the onset of lines and excessive drooping eyelids. Luckily, in eyelid surgery Adelaide, many individuals can significantly benefit from such a procedure. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is typically used to repair severe folds and lax skin, often caused by excess weight loss or aging. It can also be utilized in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures. If you consider such a procedure, you must research the various doctors in your area and meet with them for a consultation.


The majority of eyelid surgery Adelaide surgeons are highly qualified and experienced practitioners, also board-certified Plastic Surgeons. As such, before any treatment is completed on you, your initial consultation should involve a comprehensive examination, including an extensive history of your overall health, your medical history, and recent photographs of your face, which will allow the surgeon to assess your current level of fitness accurately. It will also enable the surgeon to determine the best course of treatment for your particular situation. Then, have a peek at these operation results.


During the consultation, you will be presented with a range of different options for your eyelid surgery, depending on your overall health and aesthetic goals. Many patients undergo this procedure under anesthesia, as it provides a very safe, high-quality result. Have a peek at these operation results. However, if you are not comfortable having surgery under the blanket of anesthesia, or if the operation requires small incisions on your eyes, then alternatives exist, which may include traditional surgery procedures or more minimally invasive treatments such as dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. When it comes to eyelid surgery, the most common surgical option is LASIK surgery, which uses custom-made lasers to reshape and improve the eye’s structure and appearance.


For many years, the typical eyelid surgery Adelaide procedure involved making incisions in the upper eyelid, along the natural crease of the eye, and in some cases, around the rim of the eye. This process has improved with the advent of laser technology, and now these incisions are made inside the hairline to hide behind the upper eyelid. Patients opting for eyelid surgery Adelaide can expect the procedure to last about an hour.


Many people who undergo eyelid surgery Adelaide choose to use a double eyelid surgery system to regain the youthful appearance. This method involves removing excess skin, muscle and fat tissue and re-positioning the eyelid. Have a peek at these operation results. This procedure is beneficial because it helps enhance the eye’s natural shape and make the watch appear broader and more youthful-looking. In addition, many people who go through this method feel that it takes away some of the pressure of their daily makeup. However, some people who have double eyelid surgery Adelaide find that their eyes look unnatural and that the skin around their eyes is sore for several days after the procedure.