Chiropractic Clinic: Welcome to the 21st Century

At Ace Chiropractic Clinic, you can expect a one-on-one chiropractic Adelaide treatment that focuses on relieving pain and restoring joint function to improve life quality. At your initial visit to Ace Chiropractic Clinic, chiropractors, also known as chiropractic physicians Dr Michael Keklikian and Dr Anaeline Bondy, will conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure that chiropractic services are a perfect fit to treat your individual needs. Each patient is then given a personalized treatment plan that best fits their particular needs. Treatment can be done by a chiropractor office or through the use of a patient transport vehicle. No matter what mode of transportation is used to transport your patient to and from the clinic, they are kept comfortable and stress-free throughout the process. For more information, visit now.

chiropractic AdelaideThe first step that you or anyone at Ace Chiropractic Clinic will take after your initial visit is determining the visit’s reason. In many cases, an initial appointment is to set the work for your next visit so that the chiropractic physician has time to evaluate your pain and other symptoms. In other cases, your visit may be more extensive. During your stay, chiropractic practitioners evaluate and diagnose your symptoms, determine how they affect your life, and determine how they can be treated. Once treatment is recommended, you will be sent home with instructions for specific chiropractic treatments.

Throughout your visits, chiropractors will educate you about proper exercise, healthy eating, and how to reduce pain. You will also be educated about the benefits of chiropractic care and the importance of making regular appointments. Your primary care physician, who most often is not a chiropractic professional, can also provide additional information about chiropractors and chiropractic use. For more information, visit now.

As an Ace chiropractic Adelaide client, you will be provided with access to a range of chiropractors trained in various techniques. You will be encouraged, as a patient, to make an appointment with any of these chiropractors. In addition to receiving chiropractic treatments, you will also be asked questions and sometimes treated by other health care providers such as a physical therapist, an orthopedist, or a podiatrist. If other health care providers are treating you, this may mean that your chiropractic doctor feels that you need a different treatment plan.

Whether you need routine adjustments or need treatment for a specific ailment, your chiropractor can adjust, realign, or realign your spine’s alignment, which will correct any problem that you may have. Your chiropractor is a health care provider who knows what it takes to keep you healthy and safe. You can learn more about chiropractic by scheduling a consultation appointment at one of the many chiropractors. If you would like more information, call the clinic and ask questions. You are sure to leave the clinic more informed than when you first arrived! For more information, visit now.